"Erwin, you are KILLING me...!"

Erwin Braun is a truly excellent trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough ("Erwin, you are KILLING me!") and warm ("HP, you are doing SO well"), and he works with the whole person -- mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of his efforts, I am stronger and more flexible, I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun. 

Last but not least, some facts... 

-13 % stronger heart (EKG test)
-10cm less abdominal circumference
-7 kg less weight 
-and 5 kg more muscle mass!!!
I recommend him without reservation!

Hans-Peter, Küsnacht



"Erwin became a part of my life..."

Often you feel tired and have alot on your mind; the last thing you feel like doing is working out. Normally these are my thoughts before I meet Erwin, but believe it or not, after three minutes training with him, I have a smile on my face and just feel great.

When I met Erwin the first time, I had just recovered somewhat from a horrible ski accident in which my neck was injured. Before the accident I used to work out on my own almost every day. After my accident I was too fearful to work out on my own. So you can imagine, I put on weight, & I lost self-confidence.  To put in a nutshell, I felt desperately unhappy. But then I met Erwin. Not only did he show me in a gentle and highly professional way how to train my body again, he even helped me to recover fully from my injury.  

Today, who would believe that we box together like crazy. Thanks to him, I found out that I am a little Mike Tyson! He gave me self-confidence again.  I feel just great, & I know I am in a good shape, and I like the way my body looks again. Erwin became a part of my life and I just do not know how I did without him in my life before.  Erwin is not only my personal trainer, he is my friend, my psychiatrist and even sometimes my daddy! I never saw him unhappy because he enjoys what he does and he is a great motivator. This is the reason why after just three minutes of training with him, you can do nothing else than smile, and enjoy what you are doing!



"I often wonder where he comes up with all the stuff he "throws" at me.." 

I've been training with Erwin for over two years now, at least once a week, but amazingly enough, I've never felt like we've done the same workout twice. He's extremely knowledgeable about tailoring your workouts to target your individual needs.

Erwin's an amazing trainer, he's down to earth, has a great sense of humor, lots of experience and is always up-to-date on the latest in the world of fitness and healthy nutrition. But above all, he really cares about his clients, they aren't just clients to him, but more of a close-knit family. Even with his crazy schedule he always finds time to squeeze me in for another workout in case I have to cancel my regular one due to a last-minute work thing. I hate when I have to miss a session and would work out with him a whole lot more if I could. 

Our sessions are always extremely challenging, I often wonder where he comes up with all the stuff he "throws at me".. :) But his energetic and fun attitude keep you motivated even through the toughest workout. 

If you want to see substantial changes, lose weight, build muscle mass and at the same time have a great time with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer, then Erwin's your guy. I can highly recommend him.

Alessandra, Zurich


"Erwin is extremely knowledgeable about dealing with various injuries..."

I started working out with Erwin nearly 3 years ago after a routine physical revealed that I had the beginning stages of osteoporosis. Although initially concerned with halting the bone loss the other benefit of our three weekly sessions has been weight-loss and increased energy!  Erwin is extremely knowledgeable about dealing with various injuries within the training sessions and has been able to tailor my sessions to rehabilitate certain muscle weaknesses that I have.  As a result our whole family now trains with him!

Marlena, Zumikon


"American style: cool and easy going, encouraging, smiling.."

The first time I saw Erwin, he was working with a client. It took me a split second to realize that he represented everything I always associated with a personal trainer - American style: cool and easy going, encouraging, smiling, giving intelligible instructions in English, teaching by doing, energetic, in great shape …. That was 2 years ago and fortunately for me, E found some suitable slots in his schedule.

During workouts, I do not only appreciate the alternation between weight & cardio & balance & stretching within the same session, but also any combination of these 4 elements within the same exercise e.g. in a boxing unit. What an efficient and effective use of time! The resulting good shape helps me when practicing other sports and if I can do better than some younger friends e.g. with push-ups or overhand leg rise, I am proud about these crazy exercises I have become able to perform.

Besides the training itself, one of E’s best assets is to surround the tailor-made workouts with good mood, encouragement, cheering up, always spicing up with energy and the most varied conversation topics, and above all, a caring attitude. Occasionally he even connects up members of what he calls “the little family”. It is this unique mix that makes me look forward to my next workout and to many more to come. It is really about having great fun.

With his studio in Küsnacht, I wish E lots of luck, good fortune and success paired with lively inspiration, big satisfaction and also a pinch of sereneness.


"I can promise you that you won't end up as a prisoner, because he does not take any!"

It used to be very simple when I was around 20..... study - and sports, be it athletics, track & field or any other sport that kept me fit. Then you graduate, excel at what you do, work 14+ hour days and the next thing you know - you are no longer the super fit guy and you gotta watch what you eat, drink etc.. 

I took up PT sessions on various occasions, they would last 3-6 months max. - Why? partially yes I felt that work always had the priority #1 and everything else comes second, but more importantly a PT is not just a PT. What made me quit most of the time was the fact that the training became predictable and even though I do enjoy a kick A** workout, going for 120% every time is just not sustainable and before you know it you start to dread going to your workout. 

Erwin - aka Sir, or E is in my opinion unique - he is extremely experienced, he truly has been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. So, just one look at you when you walk into the gym and he knows in what sort of shape you are - both mentally and physically. You will not know what the workout sequence or exercises are and he can adjust and reconfigure just on the fly to make it the most effective for any given situation. On the days where you feel strong and good ... well ask for it and yes, you will be just drained and done after your workout. It's never repetitive, sequential training sessions are balanced and never damaging or over the top. 

Besides the thoughtful, skilled and highly knowledgeable training instructions, E has the ability to interact with you in a wonderful way! You feel as if you are the most important and exclusive client he has, he is genuinely interested in your nutrition, work life balance and your very being. His slogan is so spot on - there are excuses or results, but never both! He really cares and will do everything possible to ensure you succeed in your goals to become more fit, loose weight, or whatever you aspire to. It is a true partnership and what makes him unique is that he can listen to a client and transform that into a workout schedule that will benefit you and never ever feel like it's just a routine that is imposed and done for all clients alike. 

I can promise you that you won't end up as a prisoner, because he does not take any! but I equally can promise you that if you truly care about results and want to feel elated, good both mentally and physically, then there is only one guy within the next 2,000 miles around Zurich - Erwin Braun! Call him, work with him and change your life to the better or best you could possibly have!

Maroan, Zumikon